BJCTV Deploys PBN Network and Resource Management System for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

back to news 02/23/2022

BEIJING, CHINA, FEBRUARY 2022 - Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) announces that BJCTV, the official cable TV service provider of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, has deployed our customized Event Assure System - Network and Resource Management System for BJCTV Winter Olympics, which used for the just-concluded Winter Olympics and the upcoming Paralympics Winter Games.

This purpose-built Network and Resource Management System for BJCTV Winter Olympics is developed according to the stringent requirement set by BJCTV. The project was officially launched in March 2021 and started for trial operation in June 2021. The system is integrated with several major sub-management systems, such as IP Backbone Management System, Live Events Management System, Low-Latency Live Broadcast Management System, Access Network Management System, 5G Network Management System, etc. Visualized display of information is designed according to requirements from BJCTV, it enhances the visual monitoring of major events. In addition, a mobile APP is also developed for the on-site operation and maintenance personnel to realize remote assistance through real-time interaction between large (NoC) and small (mobile phone) screens. The system is deployed in the central headend of BJCTV to monitor the operation status of network equipment in 3 regions and 32 venues covered by BJCTV network in real time. It helps to ensure the safety and stability of the global broadcasting during this event.

Mr. Michael Ma, Sales Director of PBN in China, said:” As a trusted partner of BJCTV, PBN has provided them with mature and reliable services for a long time. After having participated in the technical support work of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games, BJCTV once again chose PBN as a partner to participate in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games & Paralympics Winter Games project and achieved the expected results, which fully illustrates the reliability of PBN products and services and our ability to participate in major global events. We will also rely on our rich industry experience and professional knowledge to continuously provide high-quality services for BJCTV and all MSOs in the future.”

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