Use our Selector Matrix to find the right model:

  OLT Ports Type Layer 3 100 Mbit
1 GigE Ports 10 GigE
POE NMS3 Managed
OLT Capable AOCM6000 128 GEPON Modular Yes 192 384 32   Yes
AOCM3600 16 GEPON 1RU Yes   8 2   Yes
Layer 2/3 Switch AOCM2900   1RU     48 8 Optional Yes
AOCM3900   1RU Yes   48 + 8 (1/10GE) 8   Yes


  VoIP Options CATV Option User Side Ports WiFi Option
GEPON ONU PM620 Yes Yes 4xGE Yes
PM710 No No 1xGE No
PM720 No Yes 1xGE + 3xFE or 4xGE No
PM730 Yes Yes 1xGE + 3xFE or 4xGE Yes
CATV Optical Receiver CP-RX No Yes F-Type RF No
CP-RXP No Yes F-Type RF No
CP-HFC No Yes F-Type RF No


  • AOCM2900 Gigabit Ethernet Access Switch
  • AOCM3900 Gigabit Aggregation Switch
  • AOCM6000 High-Density FTTx Communication Switch
  • PM720 EPON Multi-service Broadband Access ONU
  • CP-RX CATV Optical Receiver
  • AOCM3600 Gigabit EPON Access Switch
  • PM620 FTTx Gigabit Optical Network Unit
  • PM710 Commercial Gigabit SFU
  • PM730 EPON Multi-service Broadband Access Home Gateway Unit (HGU)
  • CP-RXP Customer's Premises - CATV Receiver (with WDM for PON)
  • CP-HFC/WDM-45-1000 CATV Optical Receiver