Network Management and Diagnostics

Network Management HFC FTTx FIber Deep

PBN supply embedded management functions to quickly setup the device, for example, command line and HTTP web page per chassis. When customers install more devices, they need software to monitor the whole network status, check performance history data trend, receive the Email notification when alarm happen. NMSE supply these functions and more. NMSE has separated web layer and agent server layer, the later could be installed as multiple agent server nodes, and this makes system scalable to large networks.

Subscriber Provisioning and Diagnostics

Provisioning HFC FTTx FIber Deep

When operator deployed more FTTX CPE device to home or nearby home, they need efficient way to configure these device, not one by one or chassis by chassis, they need some system to provision the device of the whole network on demand and automatically. 

EPSM introduced provision template and allocation management for operator to define and extend device visit interfaces with easy web interfaces. This allows for complete support and automatic provisioning of all of the latest PBN products including both point-to-multipoint (P2MP) CPE device and point-to-point (P2P) CPE device. 

To make the system easy to integrate with third part billing system, EPSM also provide API interfaces based on SOAP.