Fast and reliable delivery

  • Enhanced supply chain management. Seamless collaboration with suppliers improves material lead time and promises JIT material management
  • Rigorous forecast management based on monthly, quarterly  and yearly requirements to assure systematic precision on inventory control.
  • Duo suppliers rule. To reduce delivery risk and avoid materials shortage, we always team with two or more suppliers simultaneously for every part/material needed for production.

Quality is our focus

  • The use of Agilent devices, or high quality test equipment ensures product test specifications and results are accurate
  • We use state of the art matrix signal generator to perform RF performance test
  • All products shipped are guaranteed with 72+ hours of Field Integration Test, with FIT data stored in dedicated servers, and traceable at any time
  • ATE systems are in place for automatic product specifications control to avoid manual mistakes, with test records that can be traced back any time
  • The PDCA methodology is applied to all production processes
  • The 8D methodology is applied to quality control processes