Support and repair services are available on all warranty items. In order to determine if your product is eligible for warranty services, the following guidelines can be used. Please note that PBN official records will be used to determine the warranty status of any product.

We welcome email requests for warranty status to:

PBN RMA requests are accepted only when raised via the PBN Support Portal, or by email to:
Requests submitted by any other means will be redirected for submission to the PBN Support Portal.


New Product Warranty

New products have standard warranty terms active from the date the devices are shipped:

Product Group Warranty Period Description
Hardware 12 months
(from shipment date)
Functionally-equivalent unit shipped within 30 business days
Software  90 days
(from shipment date)

Response to software defects within two business days (email) 
Minor (maintenance) software releases only (customer-installable)

Individual product warranties may vary. Please refer to the warranty certificate included in your product packaging.
Products requiring repair after this period will be charged at specific repair rates. Please use the PBN Support Portal to obtain a repair quote for any out-of-warranty devices.


Product Warranty after Repair

Original warranty period applies to repaired materials. This means that a unit repaired within warranty period maintains the warranty period as per the original shipment. Units repaired outside of warranty will have the fault corrected however are not covered by additional warranty.



Note: Different regions/countreis may apply to different length of warranty, please consult PBN representive to confirm the warranty policy for your specific region.