PBN Releases Full MCX AIMA HD Platform

back to news 10/13/2020

Oct. 13, 2020 Melbourne, Australia – Designed to meet the ever increasing higher bandwidth requirements and to optimize existing network architecture, Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) officially announces our upgraded HFC transport platform – AIMA HD, with the highest density application modules in the industry.

Traditional HFC network architecture occupies excessive rack space in the headend due to the separate platforms which are needed to perform different functions. In addition, traditionally deployed optical nodes will to be segmented or physical split to deliver higher bandwidth to subscribers. These requirements are increasing the complexity of network infrastructure and the cost of deployment, ongoing maintenance for operators.

Based on these pressures, PBN’s new AIMA HD platform was specifically developed to help operators face and solve these challenges. By upgrading to MCX connectors and integrating D/CWDM Multiplexers, the AIMA HD platform can save up to 50% rack space in the headend, simplify the network architecture design, and greatly reduce the costs.

The AIMA HD Platform key features:

• Allows for configurations of up to 64 forward-path laser transmitters or 128 return path receivers
• Integrated D/CWDM Multiplexor/ De-Multiplexer for all ITU-T DWDM grid/s
• Integrated combiners for 2 x NC signal inputs per transmitter, and a common BC for all transmitters
• Lowest power consumption per transmitter/receiver link in the industry
• Compatible with all AIMA3000 modules. Standard and HD.
• Hot-swappable application modules via management selectable auto-configuration features
• Integrated front and rear fiber access panel for easy fiber management

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