PBN New FTTx GPON ONT and OLT Series Released

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Sep. 16, 2020 Melbourne, Australia - Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) announces that our new FTTx GPON ONT and OLT series have been officially released today.

GPON ONTs - PM710G/PM720G/PM730G

The PM710G (GPON Gigabit SFU), PM720G (GPON Multi-service Broadband Access ONT) and PM730G (GPON Multi-service Broadband Access Home Gateway Unit (HGU)) are all designed for multi-service broadband access networks. Each of these devices are complied with the international standard ITU-T G.984/988, the PRC Communication Industry Standard GPON ONT in Access Technology Requirements and The CTC2.0 Technical Definition.

With excellent access capacity, secure service carrying ability and rich OAM functions, PBN’s high quality FTTx GPON ONTs are very competitive in fiber-to-the-home and hospitality businesses.

Key Features:

• Supports a PON transmission rate of up to 2.5Gbps upstream and 1.25Gbps downstream
• Features a maximum transmission distance of up to 20km between the OLTs and ONTs
• Supports a split ratio of up to 1:128
• Supplied with standard security features including VLAN, STP, port isolation, ACL, QoS and Broadcast Storm Control
• Supports DBA and Rate-limiting functionality, which enables users to share the available bandwidth appropriately
• Supports QoS functionality, which guarantees a reliable service quality and priority
• Supports the standard OMCI defined by ITU-T, including configuration, alarming, performance monitoring, fault isolation and security management
• Features advanced energy saving functions such as the “GreenTouch” architecture


The AOCM6000G (Carrier Level Chassis GPON OLT) and AOCM3600G (GPON Access OLT Switch) comply with the ITU-T G.984/G.988 standard and meet the PRC Communication Industry Standard GPON ONT in Access Technology Requirements. Both the devices fully support CTC2.0, automatic discovery and interconnection with third party ONUs. These devices also support an asymmetric transmission rate of up to 1.25Gbps in the upstream and 2.5Gbps in the downstream and efficient bandwidth usage with Ethernet services, helping carriers to provide reliable services to their users.

Key Features:

• Low power consumption and low operating cost
• Supports a split ratio of up to 1:128
• Support for hybrid ONU network architectures with a range of ONU vendors and models
• Automatic optical path switching for redundancy
• Support for AC/AC, DC/DC and AC/DC power supply configurations. All power supplies are hot swappable, modularized in design and support the EMC-3 standard
• Support for all standard network functions such as QoS guarantees, SLA and DBA

For more details about PBN’s FTTx GPON series, please contact your sales representative.

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