PBN Releases AIMA HD Forward Transmitters and Return Receivers

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Oct. 13, 2020 Melbourne, Australia – Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) announces that our high density modules, which can help operators to meet the ever increasing demand for higher bandwidth, have been released.

Forward Transmitter – FT3E-Q HD and FT5E-Q HD

The FT3E-Q HD and FT5E-Q HD are designed to plug into PBN’s latest HFC platform – AIMA HD. They are available in quad-port configurations and designed for multi-services operators (MSOs) to increase network capacity to satisfy an ever-growing subscriber demand for more bandwidth. They allow for full-spectrum analog/digital broadcast and narrowcast channels over the entire 1218 MHz space, which provides utmost flexibility for MSOs during the all-digital transition.

The laser transmitter modules offer a superior frequency response, as well as low distortion profile and low noise characteristics. In addition, they have a cutting-edge optoelectronic design for the delivery of high-quality transmissions, in both analog and digital formats, over passive fiber-optical networks.

FT3E-Q HD Front FT3E-Q HD/FT5E-Q HD Rear FT5E-Q HD Front

Key Features:

• Integrated narrowcast combiners, with 2 NC inputs per laser
• A single broadcast input per module
• An integrated DWDM Multiplexer for all ITU-T DWDM grid/s
• Plug-and-play with the AIMA3000 platform
• DOCSIS 3.1 Compatible with operating bandwidth up to 1218 MHz
• RF amplifier gain blocks with advanced GaAs technology for better performance
• Frequency response of 45 MHz to 1218 MHz for both broadcast and narrowcast applications
• Can be locally managed through an Ethernet port
• Alarm monitoring through PBN’s NMSE and ASMM Web Interface
• Automatic gain control (AGC) for a consistent optical modulation index (OMI)
• Automatic thermo-cooler control (ATC) for a consistent laser temperature
• Automatic power control (APC) for a consistent optical output power
• Up to 64 transmitters in a 4RU chassis
• Fully FCC, CE, and RCM compliant

Return Receiver – RRAS-O HD

The RRAS-O-HD series Analog Return Receiver module with FBC functions for the AIMA3000 access platform is designed for multi-services operators to increase network-return capacities for the ever-growing demand for bandwidth and to efficiently monitor the performance of multiple RF return path signals.

The embedded Full Band Capture (FBC) functionality enables the operator to capture and monitor the return path spectrum, helping to quickly locate upstream noise artifacts and analyze related upstream signal levels.

Advanced spectrum analysis software is available as a standalone tool or a module within PBN’s wider netWatch software suite. The spectrum analysis software toolset also supports options for simple integration into operators existing network OSS or BSS.


Key Features:

• Allows up to 128 receivers (16x8 Modules) in a 4 RU chassis
• Integrated Optical Passive Module DMUX with express port for increased headend optical shelf density
• Wide band receiver (1260~1620nm) to suit CWDM and DWDM applications
• Bandwidth 5 ~ 204 MHz to meet DOCSIS 3.1 frequency band requirements
• Full Band Capture offers automated and 24/7 return path/upstream RF and data performance monitoring and analysis
• FBC software which can work independently, in PBN NMSE or be integrated into third-party systems
• User-selectable MGC or AGC
• Easy to install due to RF-Paddle board backplane design
• Real-time alarm monitoring
• Web-browser access eliminates the need for a thick client and a mobile APP is available

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