Izzi Mexico Selects PBN’s Vendor Agnostic GPON Management Software to Boost its Operation Efficiency

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Mar 2022 - Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) announces that Izzi, one of the largest MSOs in CALA, is deploying PBN’s netWatch xPMS to manage its GPON FTTH network.

To manage Izzi’s rapidly growing FTTH network, Izzi needed to find a solution that is vendor agnostic and easily scalable. Traditionally when managing GPON networks, Operators need to rely on hardware vendors’ EMS software to manage their networks separately. Due to limited capability nature in EMS, this will increase Operators’ training and staff costs and will delay the response to subscriber complaints. In addition, while the FTTH network is growing, Izzi needed a solution that can scale up with the demand, so CAPEX can be well controlled, and the project can fund itself with increased subscriber revenue.

PBN’s netWatch xPMS is the perfect solution that meets Izzi’s requirements. It is vendor-agnostic and supports all the major GPON hardware, including Huawei, ZTE, NOKIA, ADTRAN, Fiberhome, and more, making different vendors’ GPON network management under one umbrella. Also, PBN’s netWatch xPMS is easily scaled up or down. It helps Izzi to manage its broadband Product Offering much easier and cost-effectively. PBN’s netWatch xPMS can also help Operator monitor the network performance thresholds and make a more insightful hardware planning decision to manage the CAPEX. netWatch xPMS also provides flexible interface to Integrate with Izzi existing in house management system via industry standard interface, such as REST API, HTTP/JSON, SNMP…etc. It enables easy data exchange among different systems, and makes standalone data becomes powerful.

Lastly, every Operator has its own operating model thus a customizable software solution that can meet customers’ specific requirements and workflow is crucial. PBN has local support in the CALA region and a responsive development team that provides short customization turnaround which offers a semi-tailormade system hence minimizing Izzi’s operation workflow reviews. Operators can largely maintain their existing operating model but have a much faster response due to the additional integrated information provide by xPMS.

Mr. Marcelo Vaisman, Vice President of Sales of PBN in the CALA region, said “By choosing PBN, Izzi has found a partner with a strong reputation to help them to develop their business in Mexico. PBN’s netWatch xPMS provides the most convenient way for companies like Izzi to expand their broadband business. Combined with extensive industry experiences, PBN will continue providing advanced product packages and professional service to Izzi and assisting them for their future business expansion as needed.”

Mr. Ramon Cerecedo, NOC Director from Izzi, said “After the deployment of PBN’s netWatch xPMS solutions, we are impressed by PBN’s innovative product offerings, and the experienced team presented to us. As an MSO developing its FTTH network, we need to be cautious with the CAPEX and OPEX and generate the highest return along the way. By introducing PBN’s software solution into the network, we immediately benefit from the extra information we can collect and the convenience of managing different GPON products under one platform. Adding the great support PBN brings to the table, it was a very easy decision for us.”

About Izzi Mexico

Izzi is a Mexican telecommunications company owned by TelevisaUnivision Mexico and operated by Empresas Cablevisión, S.A.B. de C.V. It is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the code CABLE. Izzi provides telephone, Internet, and cable TV services to individuals and companies with coverage in the Mexico City metropolitan area and other cities in Mexico.

To learn more information about Izzi Mexico, please visit their website: https://www.izzi.mx/

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